Clean, allergen-free* air in minutes

Philips Air Purifier will take care of the invisible pollutants and allergens that can sneak into your home. Making sure your indoor air is clean at just the touch of a button and removing up to 99.9% of viruses and aerosols from the air*. See all benefits

Clean, allergen-free* air in minutes

Superior performance. Effortless control.

  • Removes 99.97% of allergens*
  • Purifies rooms up to 39m2
  • Intelligent auto purification

Intelligent auto purification

Smart sensing technology senses in real time and automatically removes all three major threats of indoor air: particles, harmful gases and indoor allergens. Switch easily between 4 modes; Auto, Sleep, Gentle and Turbo.

Color-coded air quality

Easily identify the air quality in your home with a simple color-coding system displayed on the top of your air purifier.

3-layer filter

Prefilter catches dust and hair, followed by the activated charcoal filter that removes harmful gases and unpleasant odors. Finally, the NanoProtect HEPA filter captures ultra-fine particles as small as 0.003 microns.

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Technical Specifications

  • Performance

    Room size

    up to 39  m²

    CADR (Particle)

    330  m³/h

    Ultra fine particle removal

    as small as 3  nm

    Filters out PM2.5

    99.97  %

    Filters out H1N1 Virus

    99.9  %

    Filters out bacteria

    99.9  %

    Energy Efficiency rate


    Recommended filter life time

    36****  months

    Sound Power

    30-65  dB(A)

  • Features



    AeraSense technology


    Air Quality feedback


    PM2.5 sensor



    Auto, turbo, sleep and gentle

    Aerodynamic design

    270 degree inlet

    Healthy air lock & Alert


    Light control





Philips Air Purifier - Series 2000 AC2958/63

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